A new covenant of virtue

The Contextual Theology Centre is one of the partners in Contending Modernities – a major research programme of the Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame, exploring the way Christian, Muslim and secular worldviews interact in the modern world.  Our research is focusing on life in east London (an area which has always received large flows of migrants, and has a consequent diversity of faiths and cultures) – looking at the way in which broad-based community organising helps diverse groups discern and pursue a common good.

Last month – at a historic ‘Citizens Iftar’ – one of the first fruits of this research was launched.  A New Covenant of Virtue outlines the theological basis for Islamic engagement in Community Organising, and gives practical examples of this work.  Previous collaboration between the Centre and Notre Dame generated a similar book for Catholic Christians, by Austin Ivereigh.

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