Sex, God and the difficult questions….

Young people addressing the launch of

It may be a topic that young people find difficult to talk about with their parents, teachers or faith leaders, but it’s one which isn’t going away anytime soon: sex.

That’s why Near Neighbours has helped to fund an exciting new website which will enable young people to talk about sex, relationships and their faith. is an attempt to create a safe space for conversations, learning and openness around issues of sex, contraception, pregnancy and a whole host of other areas.

It’s been developed by the Newham Interfaith Sexual Health Forum – NewISH in a bid to fill a need felt across the diverse London Borough of Newham for good quality sex education in a faith-sensitive context.

It’s received the backing of local MP Stephen Timms, among others, and is already going down well with young people in the area.

Stephen Timms MP gives his support to the launch

You can visit the website here: and provide feedback, as well as find out much more about the project.

Andy Walton from Near neighbours visited the launch of Listen to his report here:

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